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About Company

Negin Gohar Kahbod Pouyan Company was established in 1400. Due to the position of Iran's mines and very good ranking in the world's mineral reserves and benefiting from new knowledge and application of modern technology in the field of geology, exploration, extraction, processing and exploitation, can a significant share of production domestic and export.
Relying on the technical knowledge and high expertise of its experienced experts, the company is always trying to provide services in accordance with international standards by training and educating skilled personnel in the field of exploration and mining, and to establish its name in the world of mining.
We try to improve our level by training specialized personnel and gaining scientific and practical experiences in the field of exploration and mining.

Company Goals

Negin Gohar Kahbod Pouyan Company has been established with a focus on geology and exploration, mines, and mining industries, to create economic activities and their development and management in a way that brings adequate profitability to stakeholders.

Company Visions

This company will be a leader in the development of geological, exploration, mining design, extraction, export and import of minerals and one of the top companies in the country and will develope new business units using the latest methods in the field of activities the company.
Geological activities, exploration and mining industries this company are defined by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and are in the field of metallic and non-metallic minerals, processing and engineering services. The company operates based on the country's company ranking system developed by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and the Institute for Productivity and Human Resources Studies with five factors (quality, price, accuracy, speed of service and flexibility).